Great for use as a mixed garden seeding or ‘salsa’ pack or pizza garden in one biodegradable tray. Veggies with a quick germination like cucumbers, squash and pumpkins work very well in this style of plant pots. Also well suited for marigolds and other spring flowering annuals.

Fits 3 to 1020 tray.


Preferred for herbs, vegetables or other annuals intended for quick turnaround from seeding to transplanting. Convenient size to step up to larger planting containers or direct transplants to ground post frost.

Loosely fits 18 to 1020 tray.


The round pot allows for better ventilation and air circulation between pots, advantageous to longer term durability.

This size is preferred for seed starting of herbs, vegetables or other annuals that will be used for stepping up to larger planting containers or direct transplants to garden.

 Fits 12 to Dillen CTR3512 


Preferred for seed starting of early planting annuals and vegetables. For seedlings needing more days in the greenhouse before transplanting. Also great for step up transplants to larger planting containers or direct transplants to ground post frost. 

Fits 15 to Dillen CTS 415.


This size is optimal for vegetables that need more time in the greenhouse before transplanting to the field, like peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. This is also a closer match to the standard 4" pot size used for perennials and herbs. 

Fits 15 to Dillen CTS 415.

Fits 10 to ITML TRK 1045.


Great for transplanting of ornamental peppers, small mums and perennial herbs. Shape makes this plant pots easy to incorporate into indoor/decorative planting containers as well. Also a good size for setting up bulbs mid-winter.

Fits 8 to Dillen VTA 558.


Great for use by landscapers using larger plant material. Especially applicable for planting woody herbs like rosemary, thyme or sage.

Soil volume of the #5 Square is a good fit as a step up planting container for tomato seedlings.

This is the most compact CowPot of the larger plant pots (depth to width ratio), intended for direct planting to ground.  

Fits 8 to Dillen CTS 68.


Used by avid dahlia growers. Also suitable for planting woody and/or bushy perennial herbs.

The larger planting container size maintains ability to rapidly decompose once planted. Optimal shelf life once planted is up to 16 weeks for these biodegradable plant pots.


Great for planting woody and/or bushy herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme.

Most suitable for late season crops, including chrysanthemums. Round biodegradable pot permits good air ventilation, allowing planting container walls to dry and harden in between watering. 

Fits 6 to Dillen CTA 66.


Great for planting woody and/or bushy herbs, vegetables that need more time before transplanting. Large flowers like Cannas are also a good fit in this biodegradable planting container.

The larger pot size maintains ability to rapidly decompose once planted.


Designed specifically for growing perennials (seasonally). The #11 Square TALL is a deeper planting container, improving soil volume for healthy root growth for longer term plants using biodegradable plant pots. 


Used in our own greenhouse for planting bulbs, large chrysanthemums and biodegradable combination planters. Growers have used this planting container size for grape vines and tomatoes as well.

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Originally designed for live Christmas tree sales, this is also a great pot for combination planters. Exciting new way to display and market mixed flowering annuals or mini vegetable gardens. This biodegradable planting container can be easily transferred to a large step up pot with no mess.

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CowPots are available in a wide variety of quantities. If you're looking for 12 pots or 100 biodegradable plant pots, you can purchase any CowPots size online.

Wholesale Quantities

Wholesale Quantities

Wholesale Quantities


If you're looking for hundreds of CowPots, each of our products are now available for purchase online in bulk cases.

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