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General Information

General Information

General Information

Healthy root penetration in CowPots biodegradable pots shown off by farmer's daughter.

Do they smell?

So, they're NOT peat pots?

Are these made in the USA?

Growing in CowPots

General Information

General Information

Comparing cowpots appearance from very wet to dry.

When to water?

Any special soil needed?

What about mushrooms & mold?

Retailing CowPots

General Information

Retailing CowPots

CowPots retail packs on display with seed rack at a True Value store.

Will you send samples?

How do I become a reseller?

Where can I find POP materials?

In General:

How are CowPots different than Peat Pots?

Peat bogs take 100 years to regenerate. CowPots are manufactured in the U.S. by American farmers using renewable energy and recycled ingredients. CowPots break down faster than peat pots once planted, and have demonstrated superior root penetration to other biodegradable pots in research trials like the one done by Mississippi Agricultural Forestry and Experiment Station.

What do you mean by recycled?

The manure is first used to generate biogas in our methane digester. That biogas is burned to heat our hot water and farmhouse. After it has provided energy to the farm, it is separated, composted and formed into CowPots. We also use post consumer newsprint.

Do they smell?

Mike Rowe said it best when he was here filming for Dirty Jobs, 'they don't even stink a little'. We've worked diligently to create plant pots made from composted manure that does not have a noxious odor. Instead the smell has been described as earthy. 

Where are CowPots made?

In the USA, East Canaan, Connecticut to be exact. Our CowPots factory sits just a few hundred feet away from our dairy barn. The composted manure is processed and formed into CowPots right here on the farm. Read more about our farm.

Are CowPots Biodegradable?

CowPots are the pots you plant and 100% biodegradable. CowPots have been designed to last several months in a greenhouse or outdoor setting, yet once planted in the ground, they quickly begin to break down. 

How long can I store unused CowPots?

If kept dry, indefinitely.

Are CowPots Certified Organic?

CowPots are an eco-friendly, biodegradable and natural alternative to plastic and peat, made from our cows' composted manure, but are not currently OMRI listed or approved for Certified Organic operations. 

Do you ever plan to offer OMRI listed pots?

We source the recycled newsprint that goes into our CowPots from our community. Although this aligns with our sustainability efforts, it does contain colored inks, and possible glossy paper - which are 2 things currently NOT permissible for organic certification. If our production methods and ingredient sourcing changes, we will promote our changed status. 

Do you make other styles?

Our online store lists each of the 13 styles of biodegradable plant pots that we currently manufacture. If you are interested in other styles, find out more about customization. 

About Growing in CowPots:

Do I need to tear the bottom of the pot off?

No. There is no need to tear or rip the CowPot when you are ready to transplant. The porous and biodegradable pot walls encourage root penetration. By not disturbing the roots, you are eliminating transplant shock.

Which CowPot should I use?

Visit our product specification page to see a condensed description of each style CowPot and their suggested growing applications as plant pots.  

What kind of soil should I put in my CowPots?

CowPots do not require a specific type of potting soil. Make sure you fill your plant pots with good quality, sterile potting soil for seed starting.

How should I handle my plants in CowPots?

Be cautious not to lift a recently watered CowPot by the 'lip' as it will easily tear when moist.  Using a tray can make it easier to move CowPots, especially when they are wet.  

How can I tell if I’m properly watering my seedlings?

You can tell by color and touch. When the biodegradable pot walls are dark brown and moist to the touch, they do not need to be watered. When light brown and dry, it’s time to water the plant pots again.

Should I use fertilizer in my CowPots?

Yes. CowPots do not take the place of fertilizer. Use your normal feeding protocol with the fertilizer of your choice. We have 2 instructional videos specific to fertilizer use for your plants growing in CowPots; episodes 8 and 12.  

How long should it take for my CowPots to decompose after planting into the ground?

As a biodegradable planter, CowPots will begin to break down within weeks of transplanting. As long as they are completely buried at planting, they should be almost completely decomposed by the end of the growing season. The rate of decomposition depends largely on moisture and bioactivity in your soil.  

My in-ground planted CowPots are not breaking down completely. What am I doing wrong?

Factors that affect decomposition can include soil type, soil bioactivity and water rates. Sandy soils and soils with few microorganisms typically display slower rates of decomposition in CowPots. Roots can still grow through the biodegradable pot walls even if they do not rapidly decompose.

How long will my planted CowPot last in a greenhouse setting?

With some variation depending on size, once planted, optimal growing time in CowPots before transplanting is 12 weeks.  This can vary based on watering practices. After that time, pot walls may become weak. We suggest either transplanting into larger biodegradable plant pots (consider our larger styles of CowPots) or into the ground.  

About Retailing CowPots:

What’s your best-selling retail pack?

The #3 Six Cell 3 pack offers 18 planting cells and is the most economical pack option. This size is best suited for seeds that germinate quickly or cold season crops. 

Do you have a 30 second video I can loop in my store?

Yes! We do. You can use the link below to download it or contact us and we can send you a DVD.

Do you offer marketing materials?

Yes! Please use the link below to find marketing and point of purchase materials as well as our biannual farm newsletter. You will be able to download posters, product specification sheets, brochures and more!

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