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As easy as 1, 2, 3

Here are our easy to follow growing suggestions:



Sow or Transplant

Fill CowPots with potting soil mix and plant seeds (according to directions on the seed packet) or transplant seedling.

  • Make sure to use the appropriate size CowPot when planting. 


Water and fertilize as needed. 

  • CowPots can be top or bottom watered
  • Manure naturally retains moisture—make sure not to over water.

Give the pot time to harden between watering. 

  • (prevents overwatering and reduces spores from forming molds if permitted to dry)
  • If possible leave space between pots to maximize air circulation.  (improves pot performance and plant health)
  •  Allow pot to dry before handling. 
  • (CowPots are fragile when wet)


Helpful Hint:


CowPots turn dark brown when wet,

and light brown when its time to water again!



When seedlings are ready for planting, place entire CowPot into soil, cover and water.

  • Do not break up the CowPot. 
  • (Roots are waiting for contact with soil to continue to grow, 
  • breaking the pot will damage the roots creating transplant  shock)
  • Plant entire CowPot and cover completely with soil.


CowPots last for months above ground but once transplanted into garden soil, the pots begin to degrade and enhance your garden soil.

  • Roots penetrate the CowPot wall, eliminating transplant shock. 
  • Unrestricted root growth ensures a healthier, stronger plant.

direction sheet

Instructional CowPots video

If you're wondering what CowPots are or how they work, we made a short video to explain. 

From sowing your seeds to transplanting the whole pot in the ground, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it hold up long enough?

Designed to meet your growing needs, CowPots are formed to last up to 3 months in greenhouse growing conditions and will readily break down once planted entirely in the soil.

Do I need to tear the bottom of the pot off?

No. There is no need to tear or rip the CowPot when you're transplanting. The porous pot walls encourage root penetration. By not disturbing the roots, you are eliminating transplant shock.


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