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comparing cowpots packaging corners to fiberboard on windows.

As strong and protective

We've designed biodegradable packaging materials that can protect as well as fiberboard materials. The core differences are that CowPots are made with 100% renewable resources. You are encouraged to plant our sustainable packaging in your garden to add value to your plant and soil.

Prototyped and custom cowpots packaging corners available in range of sizes.

Biodegradable packaging

We know it's not one size fits all. We have developed the technology and process to be able to form a wide range of sizes and styles. Whether you're looking for sustainable packaging inserts, corners or spacers, we have the capacity to design forms to meet your biodegradable packaging needs.

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Grow in it!

From our ingredients

From our ingredients

Yes, CowPots Packaging materials are compostable. Better yet, they're plantable. Made from our cows composted manure, our products are designed to be used as a growing medium and soil amendment, they truly are biodegradable packaging.

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From our ingredients

From our ingredients

From our ingredients

We are committed to offering a sustainable packaging option. From sourcing the ingredients for CowPots Packaging to our manufacturing process. We care for the cows that provide us with raw manure 365 days/year. We also collect recycled post-consumer materials to produce all of our biodegradable packaging products. 

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to finished product

From our ingredients

to finished product

The only thing that leaves our CowPots factory is water vapor and finished, biodegradable packaging products. We make sure that from start to finish, our farm and factory improve the environment for our neighbors and the people who work here, ensuring our customers that CowPots packaging really is the most sustainable packaging.

Packaging that adds value - instead of waste

Plantable packaging?!

You got that right! Corners and packaging materials made from CowPots will protect as well as fiberboard materials but you're encouraged to plant them in the ground rather than throw them away. While companies are putting more emphasis on recyclable and compostable materials, both of those systems require transport and additional inputs. In fact, recycling programs are under threat as there's no longer an economically viable way to process these materials. We need alternatives to our standard packaging materials of plastic, foam, cardboard, etc. 

CowPots Packaging uses the same material as our CowPots containers for horticultural use, but are designed to meet your sustainable packaging needs. All of our products are intended to be planted in the soil and do not rely on commercial composting facilities to break down. Committed to making all of our products from composted cow manure, our products serve as a soil amendment when it's no longer needed as packaging.

Stop relying on packaging materials that inevitably end up in the landfill, recycling plants or require commercial composting. Start demanding eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging materials that you can even plant in your garden.

Packaging materials can end up in landfills, recycling plants, commercial composting, or better yet, with CowPots Packaging, you can grow in it.

Packaging materials can end up in landfills, recycling plants, commercial composting, or better yet, with CowPots Packaging, you can grow in it.

Eco-friendly in more than one way

EPA chart shows total waste of paper products used in packaging over 55 years.
View of the barn and cropland at Freund's dairy farm.

Benefits the Environment when it is:


  • Made - adding value to byproduct on our dairy farm.
  • Used - exporting nutrients from our farm while choosing an eco-friendly alternative to non-renewable products.
  • Discarded - packaging is planted in your patio container or garden, you're adding a soil amendment.

CowPots packaging corners can also serve as a growing medium, with planted succulents.

Sterile and Odorless

Heat treated cow manure is used to form sterile, plantable and biodegradable packaging products.

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