Do they work?


CowPots actually break down in 1 growing season!



  The nitrogen that is naturally in manure serves 2 purposes: 

   1. It kick starts the composting process allowing CowPots to break down once planted. 

   2. Nitrogen also attracts microorganisms in the soil to assist in the decomposition process.

– Master Gardener

Benefits to Plants

“I start all my vegetable plants in these pots. Eliminates disturbing roots when planting. They do a great job and are environmentally better than using peat pots.”

– Hunters Run Nursery, PA

Benefits to the Planet

 “So awesome to plant a whole row of tomatoes and not look back and see a line of plastic pots to pick up! Totally worth it!” 

– Kathryn, NJ

Benefits to People

 “Want to say what a terrific idea CowPots are!! Congrats to whomever thought of creating this most clever planting tool. Hope more garden centers & plant producers use this product. Made planting easier for my arthritic hands.” 

– Matthew Freund, East Canaan, CT

What is sustainability?

“Looking out for future generations by making thoughtful decisions today about our resources: land, water, air. Manure is not a waste product on our farm, it's a valuable resource that can benefit our farm and our city cousins when planted in their gardens.” 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do they smell?

What do you mean by they're recycled?

What do you mean by they're recycled?

Mike Rowe said it best when he was here filming for Dirty Jobs, 'they don't even stink a little'. We've worked diligently to create a pot made from composted manure that doesn't have a noxious odor. Instead the smell has been described as earthy.

What do you mean by they're recycled?

What do you mean by they're recycled?

What do you mean by they're recycled?

The manure is first used to generate bio gas in our methane digester. That biogas is burned to heat our hot water and farmhouse. After it's provided energy to the farm, it's separated, composted and formed into CowPots. 


What do you mean by they're recycled?


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