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It all started when farmer Matt Freund had an idea!

From Idea to Innovation

He found one large cooking pot, grabbed a few handfuls of composted cow manure, and he stirred up a burnished stew of manure fibers.

This cooked up concoction was formed into the very first CowPot.  And the cooking pot? It was not allowed back in the kitchen for any more farmhouse dinners! Today the CowPots products are made just a few hundred feet from where the cows provide the raw material every single day. 

It's been nearly 20 years!

As Matt worked to perfect his recipe, universities and growers used CowPots in greenhouse growing trials. The experiments proved that he could in fact build a better biodegradable pot for gardeners and growers!

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Freund's Farm and CowPots featured on Discovery Channel

We were lucky enough to be featured on an episode of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs in 2007. 

Mike Rowe worked alongside CowPots inventor and farmer, Matt Freund for the 'Poo Pots' episode. 


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