Wholesale CowPots


Thank you for visiting our online store! We are excited to offer this new purchasing option for spring 2020! 

Below you will find all available styles/case options available from the CowPots factory.

If you are looking for quantities less than you see listed, please visit our list of retailers and online stores:  

Live outside New England?

The cost of shipping gets higher each year... we work with distributors across the country in order to alleviate some of your shipping costs.  Please consider purchasing wholesale from a distributor closer to you to save on shipping!

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I would like to sell CowPots

Our retail packs are listed above at resale quantities and rates. Each case contains 12 individual packs for resale. Looking for more information?

Which CowPot should I use?

Visit our product specification page to see a condensed description of each style CowPot and their suggested growing applications.  

Do you make other styles?

Our store lists each of the 13 styles we currently manufacture. If you are interested in other styles, find out more about customization.