- Tomatoe Whisperer, PA

Benefits to Plants

“This is my third year using CowPots for my   garden transplants. I’ve used peat, coir and   fertile pots in the past and they’re all fine, it’s just that the CowPots are so much better.” 

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Your garden supplies can be "green" too

It's time to stop using plastic pots for your garden. CowPots are the natural alternative.

Made from recycled, renewable, composted cow manure, CowPots are 100% biodegradable. That means, there is nothing to throw away. 

Once you've started your seeds or transplants, the smaller style CowPots have a suggested shelf life of 12 weeks and the larger styles will stay intact for approximately 16 weeks.  


There are 13 styles of CowPots to fit every home gardener's needs. Every pot is designed to allow for root penetration so when it's time to transplant, you never crush or tear the pot wall, leaving the tender roots intact. CowPots continue to benefit your plant and soil as they decompose in the garden.

Awards & Accolades


It's all about family on our farm, meet the farmer's wife!

Farmer Matt invented CowPots using his cows' composted manure in the front yard. His wife Theresa, while raising their 4 kids, built a farm market and garden center filled with seed starting supplies for home gardeners and landscapers in the backyard

Freund's Farm Market & Bakery now has an online store, offering all CowPots styles for purchase, as well as CowPots t-shirts!


CowPots Tips for Home Gardeners

Step 1, sow the seed in the CowPot.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Is this mold bad?

Is this mold bad?

Are you seed starting or transplanting for your garden this year? We have some growing suggestions for home gardeners that are ready for a more sustainable, eco-friendly, plantable pot.

Mushrooms can grow on cowpots walls, they are not harmful.

Is this mold bad?

Is this mold bad?

Is this mold bad?

CowPots are made from manure. They decompose, biodegrade and add value to your garden just like manure. A perfect addition to any home gardener.

Farmer and daughter promote and discuss CowPots at event.


Is this mold bad?


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