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" They pretty much sell themselves…Every year we've sold about 15% more CowPots than the year prior. "

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Better than recyclable, it's plantable!

Municipalities are banning plastic bags.

Restaurant chains are eliminating plastic straws.

What plastic alternatives are you offering to your customers? 

We began manufacturing CowPots as a way to better manage the nutrient rich cow manure on our farm. Manure is a renewable resource, produced on our farm everyday. CowPots are a real contender to plastic as a true, biodegradable alternative. CowPots are 'the pots you plant' and your customers will be left with nothing to throw away when they transplant their seedlings. Available as both retail packs or in bulk wholesale pots, we have a size and a quantity to match your needs.


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CowPots address the issues your customers care about!

Plastic Alternative, Peat Free & RENEWABLE.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's your best selling retail pack?

The #3 Six Cell 3 pack offers 18 planting cells and is the most economical pack option. This size is best suited for seeds that germinate quickly or cold season varieties. A great plastic alternative for your gardening customers.

I already sell peat pots, how are these different?

Peat bogs take 100 years to regenerate. CowPots are manufactured in the US by American farmers using renewable energy and ingredients. 


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