Our Family

It all started...

when a boy from the Bronx met the farmer’s daughter and they decided to start dairy farming together in 1949, and there began Freund's Farm.

the multi-generational dairy farm family at Freund's Farm


7 decades later, the 2nd and 3rd generations of our farm family manage 3 farm businesses. 

The Freund's Farm Inc. dairy team cares for the cows that provide the manure that we form into CowPots which are then used at our family's retail store, Freund's Farm Market & Bakery to grow the produce and flowers that our farm and community enjoys all summer! This synergy is key to our sustainability.

We send a biannual newsletter to all of our neighbors and invite you to follow our farming adventures:

Our Farm

The dairy farm team cares for our herd of Holstein cows by using the newest technologies, including Lely milking robots and rumination collars which track each cow's activity, like Fitbits. These investments are part of our mission to be a sustainable farm at Freund's Farm.

We grow all of the forages to feed our 300 milking cows supplemented by grains and minerals. 

We work closely with our dairy nutritionist and veterinarian to ensure that our animals have a complete and balanced diet. Animal health and nutrition is an important component to our sustainability.

Our farm participates in the National Dairy FARM Program, a 3rd party verifiable animal well-being program. 

Our Environment

* Solar Panels - capture energy to power our dairy farm and CowPots production facility.

* Our corn fields are no-till - improving carbon sequestration from the soil. 

* Recycling water - using well water to cool the milk then passing that tempered water to the cows.

* Methane digester - biogas produced from manure offsets the use of propane and heating oil.

* Nutrient Management Plan and Forestry Stewardship Plan - guides the activities at Freund's Farm for managing soil health and forest longevity.

* CowPots - exports excess nutrients from our sustainable farm to where they’re needed (your garden) and replaces non-renewable planting containers like plastic and peat. 


FarmHer features the innovative use of manure at the farm

On October 4th, farmers Theresa, Rachel and Amanda Freund hosted a film crew for FarmHer's 4th season. Theresa describes her culinary confections in the bakery, Rachel takes you through the greenhouse and Amanda describes the production and use of CowPots to meet their sustainability goals at Freund's Farm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do your cows eat?

Where are CowPots made?

Where are CowPots made?

We grow all of the forages on our farm needed to feed our cows. In addition to grass and corn, we supplement with a customized grain mix for a balanced diet.

Where are CowPots made?

Where are CowPots made?

Where are CowPots made?

Our CowPots factory sits just a few hundred feet away from our dairy barn. The manure is processed and formed into CowPots right here at Freund's Farm.


Where are CowPots made?


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