CowPots FAQs

Where can I buy the large CowPots?
What’s the difference between CowPots and peat pots?
What are CowPots made of?
Are CowPots biodegradable?
How do I choose the right size CowPot?
What kind of soil should I put in my CowPots?
What actually goes into a CowPot?
How should I handle my plants in CowPots?
How can I tell if I’m properly watering my seedlings?
Are CowPots Certified Organic?
Should I use fertilizer in my CowPots?
How long should it take for my CowPots to decompose after planting into the ground?
My in-ground planted CowPots are not breaking down completely. What am I doing wrong?
How long will my planted CowPot last in a greenhouse setting?
Do I need to rip, tear or crush the CowPot before planting in the ground?
How long can I store unused CowPots?

CowPots FAQs

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