Big or small – Using a pot filler with CowPots

We were recently asked if CowPots could be used with a pot filler machine.

The answer is yes.

pot filler and cowpots


We understand the importance of efficiency in production agriculture; we have 350 cows that need to be cared for each day! We know the same goes for growers in their greenhouse; small, medium or large.

The #3 six cell, #4 square, #4 square tall, #5 round, #5 square and #6 round were each designed to fit a greenhouse carrier tray. You can find the full list of compatible trays here. When placed in the properly sized tray, these 6 styles are well suited with a pot filler machine.

In the case of the round pots, the tray dividers fill the gap between individual pots to prevent soil from falling between pots.


With the square pots, the edge of each pot is flush with pots on either side, reducing any soil from falling between pots when passing under a pot filler.

In our own greenhouse we fill our benches with the #4 square CowPots to grow vegetables like these summer squash and zucchini for retail sales in our family’s garden center.


growing annuals in CowPots


The #3 Six cell has been used for commercial production of bedding annuals; marigolds, supertunias and impatiens and sold at retail for the end user to transplant in their home garden.





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