Choosing the Right Seed Starting Pots

Choosing the Right Seed Starting Pots

There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting gardening supplies, especially seed starting pots; plastic, peat, fiber, rice hull, recycled toilet paper rolls, empty egg shells, soil blocks, and the list goes on.

CowPots plantable pots range in size from 3" to 12" Square

The reason that we are so proud of CowPots products is that in addition to providing gardeners a truly biodegradable seed starting pot; we are also managing an important byproduct and resource on our family’s dairy farm. By transforming each cow patty into ‘the pots you plant’, we are taking care of our land by exporting that nutrient rich manure to gardens where it will truly benefit the soil.


Cows in Pasture



In addition to the main ingredient being 100% renewable (did you know that a cow makes up to 100 lbs of manure everyday?), the manure is also recycled before it becomes a CowPot. What does that mean? Well, all of the manure is cleaned out of our cow barns every day and passes through our farm’s methane digester. We capture the methane gas and burn it (instead of heating oil) to heat our house and hot water.

 methane digester
Once we have harvested that green energy, we squeeze the manure (mechanically…not with our bare hands) and the liquid is used for fertilizing our crop fields and the solids are used to make CowPots. So these seed starting pots, before they were formed into a pot, that same material actually provided the fuel source to heat our family’s home. Read more about sustainability practices on our farm.
Manure, although often considered a ‘waste’ product, is actually a valuable resource on our farm and we are excited to provide plant enthusiasts and growers with a better biodegradable pot. #theproofisinthepoo
They’re 100% biodegradable,
Allow for unrestricted root growth,
Reduce transplant shock,
Made in America,
Easy to use,
No more plastic waste!

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