#17 Round CowPot

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27,418 mL - 1,673 cu in
16.5” x 10.5” x 11.5”
Fits Carrier Tray

Products Description

#17 Round CowPot

CowPots largest size – 17 inch diameter biodegradable pot

Available loose fit only.

Uses: Used in our own greenhouse for combination planters. Exciting new way to display and market mixed flowering annuals or mini vegetable gardens using tomato, lettuce and a variety of herbs. Especially great for establishing a combo planter that can be easily transferred to a large step up pot with no mess.

The larger pot size maintains ability to rapidly decompose once planted.

Shelf life: Once planted, the #17 round stays intact for 5+ months in a greenhouse setting.

If not planted and kept in a cool dry location, shelf life is indefinite (a dry location is critical).

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