#11 Square TALL CowPot

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7,564 mL - 461 cu in - 2 gallons
8.5” x 11” x 5”
Fits Carrier Tray

Products Description

#11 Square TALL CowPot

CowPots’ newest size – 11 inch tall biodegradable pot

Available loose fit only.

Uses: Designed specifically for growing perennials (seasonally). The #11 Square TALL is a deeper pot, improving soil volume for healthy root growth for longer term plants.

The larger pot size maintains ability to rapidly decompose once planted.

Shelf life: Once planted, the #11 square stays intact for 3+ months in a greenhouse setting.

If not planted and kept in a cool dry location, shelf life is indefinite (a dry location is critical).

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This new size is a prototype and we have formed a small quantity to date. If you are interested in this size, please email us.