Community Garden

Community gardens and other growing programs

Have you considered using CowPots for your community garden?

Whether you have been participating in a community garden for years or just starting one up, there’s no better time to start growing in CowPots. We are happy to offer suggestions or advice on vegetable varieties or flower breeds to grow using our products. By implementing a growing program that includes CowPots, you also get to educate your gardeners about recycling, renewable products, adding nutrients to your garden and alternatives to both plastic and peat products.

Amenia residents start seeds in CowPots

Amanda, eldest daughter of the CowPots clan, spent the afternoon at the Amenia ‘Dia de las Comidas’, at the Church of Immaculate Conception in Amenia, NY. She taught young attendees about starting seeds and growing healthy foods.

New Haven elementary students growing in CowPots

Students in New Haven, CT participated in growing experiments of beans. They made observations and took measurements of plants grown in CowPots as well as peat pots.

Rachel Ray and Mayor Bloomberg with NYC public school students

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Rachael Ray announce new programs to promote healthy eating. At city event, they transplanted herbs growing in CowPots at PS 29’s gardens in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

Foundations, non-profits and church groups around the country have discovered the true uniqueness of CowPots as an environmentally friendly product for:

  • Planting of community gardens
  • Fundraising initiatives for non-profits
  •  Promoting healthy eating
  •  Hands on learning activities
  • Teaching do-it-yourself gardening
  •  Sponsoring sustainable initiatives