Biodegradable Planting Pots

The Mint Monster is a great example of how happy plants are in CowPots! Many of our tomatoes and herbs are grown in them - pots made out of dehydrated cow manure! Plant the whole pot in the ground, and you've got instant fertilizer!
Decker's Flats Greenhouses & Florist

My perennials in your Cow Pots have been a huge hit at our Farmer's Markets this year! People totally love how easy they are and how eco-friendly they are. I am required to sell Proven Winners in their branded plastic pots and people actually pass them by in favor of other varieties because they are in Cow Pots!
JanaWit's End Gardens

Gardeners, Farmers, Commercial Growers are choosing biodegradable plant pots, and prefer CowPots.

For small and large scale production of flowering annuals, herbs, vegetables and more. Get the leading edge for growing prize-winning giant pumpkins! Start plants earlier, with the versatility of translating to step-up containers or into the field or greenhouse. From Allium to Bare roots, Cucurbit, Garlic and Pansies to Rosemary and Tomatoes, CowPots are the sustainable and renewable biodegradable plant pots for a wide range of crops and planting practices.

If you’re wondering:

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