Directions for Seed Starting & Transplanting Seedlings in Biodegradable Pots

seed starting with biodegradable pots

Sow or Transplant your biodegradable pot

Fill CowPots with your preferred potting soil mix and plant seeds (according to directions on seed packet) or transplant seedling.

Place planted CowPots in your preferred tray (if desired-fitted trays are listed with pot sizes).

  • In addition to standard trays and carriers, self watering trays and bottom watering are suitable for use with CowPots, must be managed so as not to over water.
transplanting into biodegradable pots

watering biodegradable pots


Water and fertilize as needed.

  • Manure naturally retains moisture—make sure not to over water.
  • Give the biodegradable pot time to harden between watering. (prevents over watering and deters spores in the air from attaching themselves to the porous CowPots)
  • If possible leave space between pots for maximum air circulation (improves pot performance and plant health).
  • Allow biodegradable pot to dry before handling (CowPots are fragile when wet).

Plant the whole biodegradable pot into the ground


When seedlings are ready for planting, simply place CowPots into soil and water.

  • Pick up plant by stem base for easiest handling.
  • Do not break up the CowPot (Roots are waiting for contact with soil to continue to grow, breaking the pot will damage the roots creating transplant shock).
  • Plant entire CowPot and cover completely with soil. CowPots are a 100% biodegradable pot and will decompose within one growing season.

biodegradable pots break down in ground

Enjoy your biodegradable pots

Cowpots last for months above ground and once transplanted under garden soil, biodegradable pots break down and enhance your garden soil.

  • Roots penetrate the CowPot wall, eliminating transplant shock.
  • Unrestricted root growth ensures a healthier, stronger plant.

Check out reviews from gardeners about their growing results!

Gardening with CowPots

How do you plant your CowPot into the ground once the seeds have sprouted. It’s a simple process outlined in this video.

Need more growing directions? From fertilizers to potting soils, watering and handling, we have a range of instructional videos to help guide you for growing in biodegradable pots! Check them out here.