Growing in CowPots

Tips for Growing in CowPots, Frequently Asked Questions, Directions and Videos

CowPots FAQs


We get a lot of questions from first time users of CowPots. “Are CowPots organic?” “How long can I store unused CowPots?” “What potting soil do I use for growing in CowPots?” We’ve compiled a list of our customers’ most popular questions with answers. If you don’t see your question posted here, you can also submit your own questions on our FAQ page.

How to Use CowPots, steps 1 and 4

How to Use CowPots

From sowing or transplanting to enjoying the fruits of your labor, we walk you through the simple process of growing in CowPots.

We’ve also create a video cast series on using CowPots.

Decomposition of cowpots

About Decomposition

Not the most interesting subject for most people, but we happen to take it seriously. It’s what makes CowPots superior to any other direct plant pot. We take great pride in the natural ingredients we use to make CowPots. For centuries gardeners, farmers and growers have discovered the value of using cow manure as a soil amendment. Growing in CowPots is better for you, your plants and your soil!

Transplanting squash growing in CowPots


From home gardeners to commercial greenhouses, CowPots are being used in a large variety of settings. From California to Maine to Italy, garden enthusiasts and professional growers are realizing the environmental and plant health benefits of growing in CowPots.