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 "My perennials in your Cow Pots have been a huge hit at our Farmer's Markets this year! People totally love how easy they are and how eco-friendly they are. I am required to sell Proven Winners in their branded plastic pots and people actually pass them by in favor of other varieties because they are in Cow Pots!"  

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Cut out plastic and peat with a better biodegradable option.

The advantage of growing in CowPots

Root penetration through the porous pot walls is the most significant benefit that CowPots offer commercial growers. In our conversations with growers and landscapers, being able to plant the whole CowPot results in real labor savings. 


  1. Not having to remove the plant from the biodegradable pot when transplanting thousands of flowering annuals. 
  2. No plastic pots or trash to pick up at the end of the planting.

Reduce waste, reduce labor, improve soil and plant health.


CowPots Tips for Growers

Promote biodegradability


CowPots have been trialed in numerous university studies. See how bio pots compare.

Benefits are 3-fold


Let your customers know why growing in our biodegradable pots is the greenest option for their plants.

Find the right size


There are 13 styles of CowPots available, ranging from 3" to 17" biodegradable pots to match the needs of commercial growers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it hold up long enough?

On average, CowPots are designed to stay intact for approximately 3 months in standard greenhouse growing conditions. This can vary based on watering practices.

Are CowPots certified organic?

CowPots are an eco-friendly and natural alternative to plastic and peat but are not currently OMRI listed or approved for Certified Organic operations. 


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