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GARDENERS really dig our CowPots!

Time and again we have had great success using your product. People recognize us because of our use of CowPots. Not only will I never use plastic pots again, I won’t use other brands of ‘biodegradable’ pots again. Some other companies offer narrower and deeper pots but their product is inferior. CowPots are simply the best there is.
TaniaPenobscot Potting Shed
I've already done a lot of spring planting of seeds using Cow Pots. I have LOVED using them! When the roots start to grow through the pot, it's time to move the plants into the garden, and they just take off. No more guessing, no more damaged roots. I've never been able to grow broccoli before, and had some very "leggy" seedlings. I really didn't think they would make it but, sure enough they took off growing too. Other growers have said they don't want to go to the expense, but when you have a much higher success rate for seeds, it's worth the cost. Very glad I bought them in bulk, now I just need more garden space!
SusanHome Gardener
All in all I was impressed with your pots compared to other "decomposable" pots and plan to use them in the future. Thank you kindly for your services and I'll be ordering from you in the future!
JoshuaOrganic Grower
Want to say what a terrific idea CowPots are!! Congrats to whomever thought of creating this most clever planting tool. Hope more garden centers & plant producers use this product. Made planting easier for my arthritic hands.
KathrynGardening Enthusiast from NJ
Thanks for the great product, you can see the difference in the field by using Cow-pots for all my transplants. We so often get behind on the TP schedule that the CowPots provide the extra buffer so the plants don't suffer for my floundering to stay on schedule!
Aaron LichtenbergWinnipesaukee Woods Farm, NH
I just wanted to thank you again for my sample of cowpots. I just posted on my Facebook a picture of my first propagated plant using a cowpot. Thank you again, hope this helps your idea of manure into marvelously useful! Wasteland into beauty, that’s a central theme in my work, too.
Shelley CrammGarden Writer from TX
I wanted to call and say thank you, and that CowPots really work. My wife said that the flowers that grew out of her CowPots were the best and that they really work, and that’s no lie.
GeorgeHome Gardener from VA
LOVE your CowPots! I'm very pleased so I'm ordering more! Thanks for a great product! Keep making them!
KFreund's Farm Market customer
The CowPots worked great. We used a bunch of them to get an early start for our sugar snaps and we had sugar snaps for sale at the opening Farmer's Market...and for starting various squash type plants...they met or exceeded our expectations. Next year we expect to use a lot more.
George ShepardFraid Not Farm, Rhode Island
Cowpots are biodegradable, keeping plastic waste out of the landfill. And they're not only made from a renewable resource, they're taking a potential pollutant out of the waste stream. They're made in the U.S. by farmers, and they grow happy seedlings. What's not to love?
Suzanne DeJohnVermont
Motave Gardens growing in cowpots

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Store manager shows off CowPots display
The Cowpots were a great hit and they were a fabulous addition to our spring starts. They were really well received as an alternative to plastic.
SabrinaHeirloom Market
I'm an assistant manager at Tractor Supply in Awendaw SC I was very happy to see your Cow pots in my store they did very well . I want to congratulate you on your continued success . I was very proud to tell everyone your story!
JenniferTractor Supply Company
Great Product. Everyone loves them.. Thanks…
SkipHungry Hollow Coop, New York
They pretty much sell themselves…Every year we've sold about 15% more CowPots than the year prior.
Robert TwingC.A. Lindells, Connecticut
We love CowPots. We almost sold out...just have a few left. We will definitely order for next season.
City Folks Farm ShopOhio

LANDSCAPERS making green, greener!

Being at a country club, we need to maintain our image, we can't make a mess when we're planting. With CowPots, there is no garbage to deal with, we just have to keep track of the flat we carried the pots in and that's it. We really appreciate that there's no mess when we're done planting!
Heidi ShegrudSalt Lake Country Club
I have just completed a 5 month rotation in our trial garden where I utilized your CowPots. Pros: great for material that roots aggressively great for material that has robust growth some time savings when planting I found that your product has some very positive aspects when used in specific ways.
MelissaWalt Disney World
I have bought them for my own production (small grower for landscape clients and myself) and I recommend them to everyone. They don't break apart on the bench which is such a huge deal with biodegradable pots. I use these exclusively and will continue to do so. So really, thanks for making such a great product!
Karen HarterCertified Sustainable Landscaper, Maine
I am very pleased with the product. It holds up well enough and is a good size for larger transplants. Plus the customer service from your company has been great! I will definitely order again when I need more stock.
Fraser Landscapes, IllinoisFraser Landscapes, Illinois
CowPots as center piece arrangement

heeft de cowpot de toekomst?

NON-PROFITS AND SCHOOLS make us look smart!

We have been tagging CowPots on facebook with all the pictures! They have been a HUGE hit, we really can't thank you enough. Kids have been so excited to get to take a plant home.
Nicole ShermanCity Growers, NYC
CowPots not only helped us reach our environmental goals, but made transplanting quick and easy, with very little cleanup!
Lindsay DiewaldOSU Trials Manager, Ohio

OVERSEAS, we’ve gone International!

Your idea is so great, so smart, and so green. Thank you so much for this.