Benefits of Using CowPots


Why use wasteful plastic pots or fiber pots that simply don’t break down when you can use a CowPot?

  • The manure we use to make CowPots is a renewable resource, unlike peat mined from bog eco-systems or plastic made from fossil fuels. When deciding between CowPots vs. peat pots, our main ingredient, manure is 100% renewable AND recycled because we use it first to capture methane which we burn as biogas to heat our farm buildings. Read more about the sustainable practices on our farm.
  • In making CowPots, we extract green-energy from the manufacturing process, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • By collecting and using manure to create a truly “green” product, CowPots – and your use of them – help farmers preserve clean, open spaces.
  • CowPots are an alternative to plastic pots, made from non renewable fossil fuels.
Environmental Benefits of using CowPots, reduce plastic use

PLANT Benefits

CowPots give seedlings a better beginning.

  • Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots, growing freely. This allows for air pruning and formation of root buds. Secondary root development throughout the pot grow into dense, healthy root systems recognized as critical to growing healthy plants.
  • CowPots stay intact for up to 12 weeks – plenty of time to give seedlings a robust start.
  • The “pots you plant” – no crushing or tearing of pot wall needed. Place the planted CowPot in the ground. Plants suffer no transplant shock, and establish themselves immediately.
  • Planted CowPots break down fast underground because of the nitrogen in composted cow manure. Within 3 to 4 weeks decomposition is well underway. In studies comparing biocontainers, CowPots vs. peat pots, CowPots degraded 88% compared to competing containers. Read more about this study.
  • CowPots have been rigorously tested and validated by numerous universities and many independent nursery partners. Testing has revealed that starting plants in CowPots can help shorten the growing cycle and increase fruit set by up to 10%!

PEOPLE Benefits

It doesn’t even stink a little

  • Now you can start your seeds indoors, whether it be your kitchen window or a greenhouse shelf, using the natural benefits of manure without the smell!
  • Labor savings! When it’s time for transplanting, it couldn’t be easier. Place the CowPot and plant right in the ground, no ripping or tearing and plants keep on growing. This is a main difference of growing in CowPots vs. peat pots, which encourage you to remove the pot’s bottom and slit the sides. That’s not necessary in a CowPot!
  • We make CowPots on our dairy farm in Connecticut. Purchasing CowPots supports American agriculture and American jobs while maintaining open spaces and improving our environment.
  • Part of the joy of having your own garden is growing your own fresh vegetables. They taste fantastic and beat anything from the supermarket.
  • CowPots are perfect for starting flowering annuals…Part of the secret to growing happy plants is giving them their best possible start.

Read testimonials and reviews from our CowPots customers for more of the people benefits!

People Benefits setting plugs in CowPots