From raw materials to renewable energies

Manure Management

All of the cow manure on our farm passes through a methane digester. The methane gas is captured and burned as a biogas to heat hot water for the farm and residence. As the manure exits the methane digester it is separated, solids from solids from liquids.

Separated liquids are stored in the farm’s 800,000 gallon lined lagoon until it is time to fertilize the crop fields. Because it is a liquid, we are able to pump and irrigate the manure, rather than driving back and forth from farm to field with tractors, saving on diesel and using less fuel.

Separated solids are composted and used both as bedding for the cows and in the production of CowPots. To date, tens of millions of CowPots have been formed and shipped nationally and internationally. Through the sale of this value added product, we have reduced our farm’s carbon footprint while providing an alternative to peat and plastic for gardeners and growers.

We say that CowPots are recycled because we are harvesting energy from the manure before it is used for fertilizer and formed into CowPots.

12 CowPots sizes from 3" to 17"

Renewable Energy

Methane Digester – in operation since 1997 to produce biogas; offsetting use of propane and heating oil on the farm. Methane is captured from the cows’ manure and used to heat hot water for all the barns and farmhouse. CowPots are recycled because the raw material, manure, is first used to generate energy before being utilized as fertilizer and to form into compostable pots.

Solar Panels – We have installed 1200 solar panels to match the electricity needs of both the dairy farm and CowPots factory. Utilizing renewable energy is key to being a sustainable dairy farm.

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CowPots made with solar energy

US Dairy Sustainability Award

Freund’s Farm, Inc. received the 2015 Sustainability Award in Resource Stewardship from the U.S. Innovation Center for Dairy for their multi-faceted approach to protecting the waterways, creatively managing the manure produced on their farm, improving the soil and land on which they farm and working cooperatively with their neighboring farms. Read more about the award and the other sustainable dairy farms.

sustainability award