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34 million pots and counting...

We appreciate your interest in continuing to carry our product.

We run 24/7 making custom CowPots and stock a season in advance to ensure your orders will be filled.

#3 Six Cell CowPots in retail packs

Distribution for Retail

We carry retail packaged options in 4 of the styles we manufacture.

#3 Square 12-pk MSRP: $4.99/unit

#3 SixCell 3-pk MSRP: $4.29/unit

#3 Round 12-pk MSRP: $5.19/unit

#4 Square 12-pk MSRP: $5.59/unit

Please contact us for 2016 seasons pricing.

Phone: (860) 824-7520


CowPots the pots you plant

Distribution for Growers

Currently offering 12 different sizes for seed starting up to saplings.

#3 Square   #3 SixCell   #3 Round

#4 Square   #4 TALL

#5 Square   #5 Round

#6 Square   #6 Round

#7 Square   #12 Square  #17 Round

[Regarding root penetration] This is one of the reasons why we are migrating all of our production towards this brand of bio pot! #cowpots
Bowensville Farm and Nursery

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stacking thousands of CowPots for bulk orders

2015 Season Review

Our manufacturing facility is running 24/7 as we get ready for the 2016 season.

A 12th CowPots size was introduced this year, the #4 Square Tall to better match the growing needs of growers and avid gardeners.

CowPots were sold across the country (and internationally) for the 2015 growing season by distributors, wholesalers and retailers.


CowPots and Freund’s Farm received a Sustainability Award in Resource Stewardship from the US Innovation Center.

Results were published from a USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative funded study researching alternative containers, “CowPots had nearly completely degraded (88 percent), while straw, wood fiber, soil wrap, peat, coir, and rice hull degraded 18-47 percent.*

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