Starting Seeds in CowPots

by Ellen Wells

If you’ve read Just Veggies for a while, you’ll know I have limited light in my house. Getting a jump on spring and starting seeds indoors can be difficult under those conditions. But I do try.

I stick with the seedlings that have a beefier constitution, sturdy stems, nice broad cotyledons, and first true leaves. Think beans, peppers, and squashes. If those guys stretch themselves toward my paltry light sources, their sturdiness should keep them going. Thin guys like tomato seedlings just keel over.

About the first week in April, I’m going to sow some seeds. I have a few packets of jalapeño peppers, some Hijinks pumpkins, and some assorted squashes. These should hold up okay. Fingers crossed.

Now, in the past I’ve tried all sorts of suitable methods for starting seeds. I’ve used old margarine tubs with drainage holes in the bottom. I’ve used seedling flats meant for the job. I’ve even used the recommended clear-plastic cover to hold in the moisture. They worked with varying degrees and they are all suitable for the job.

What are Cow Pots?

This year, I’m using something different. I received some free samples of something called Cow Pots. No, they aren’t pretty pots with cows painted on the outside. These pots are made from cow manure. That’s right, these are cow poop pots.

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