Gardeners, Start Your Seeds

Time To Get Down And Dirty And Begin Germinating A Bounty Of Personal Delights
By DEBORAH HORNBLOW, Special To The Courant

After the kind of winter we’ve had, who wouldn’t feel blessed by the sight of green shoots poking out of the dirt?

The best news is you don’t wait another month to start seeing green. Here in Connecticut, it’s time for gardeners to start their seeds. As most elementary school students know, sowing seeds is child’s play, or, as experts are quick to caution, it’s almost that easy….

Kindergarteners traditionally plant seeds in egg cartons, but Finnegan recommends Connecticut-made CowPots, the organic, biodegradable invention of two East Canaan farmers, brothers Matt and Ben Freund. Available through a list of retailers provided at and at many area nurseries, CowPots are made from, you guessed it, cow pies. What’s great about them, aside from how “green” they are, is that, when transferred to the garden, “they enrich the soil as they biodegrade,” Finnegan says.

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