What actually goes into a CowPot?

What actually goes into a CowPot?

Composted Cow Manure
Source: From our farm
Purpose: We use the  digested solids from our farm to reduce our carbon footprint

Source: From our community
Purpose: We source recycled newsprint from our neighbors to remove the waste in our community.

Source: Commercial supplier
Purpose: In order to have CowPots last in a greenhouse setting for a minimum of 3 months, we add a fractional amount of binder. It is eco-friendly and food for microbes.

Source: Manure & the Sun
Purpose: Energy comes from the manure during digestion to heat our hot water and solar panels are used to generate electricity to power the factory.

Source: From our Community
Purpose: We are the only biodegradable pot currently made in the USA. CowPots are always made right here on our family’s dairy farm.



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