Earth Day: 10 ways to go green in the garden

by Judy Lowe
The Christian Science Monitor

10 ways any gardener can go green — practice sustainability — in the garden on Earth Day and all year.

Gardeners love the Earth and working in harmony with nature, or they wouldn’t be gardeners. But sometimes I (and maybe you?) need to be reminded of how we can do even more to “go green” in the garden.

Here are a few ways that I’ve found:

Buy plants in biodegradable pots. Costa Farms, Ball Horticultural Co., and Bonnie’s Plant Farm – which provide millions of transplants to garden centers across the US – are now providing seedlings in biodegradable pots that you plant right in the ground. I have used the pots from all three companies, and hope this is the future of bedding plants.

Start your own seedlings in biodegradable pots, such as Cow Pots. Or repurpose containers that you have on hand. Gardeners have long started seeds in foam egg cartons, newspaper pots, and cut-apart 2-liter drink bottles.

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