CowPots – A dairy farmer invention

3 inch cowpots with seedsBy Jennifer Lee Shea

We have a special guest blogger this week; Amanda Freund of Freund Farm in East Canaan, CT. Read on to get tips for planting and gardening with CowPots™ this spring. And take a virtual tour of their farm and learn more about what it takes to run a family farm! We are sure you will be inspired by their dedication to sustainability!

Is it Spring yet? The calendar claims spring is here, but for those of us in New England, the temperatures are preventing us from putting away those winter jackets just yet. Despite the temperatures, dairy farmers are starting to get ready for planting season, which we hope is coming soon. On our own dairy farm, the tractors are set up to start irrigating manure onto our crop fields and 3 pallets of seed for this planting season were delivered this week. Like our dairy farming neighbors, we will be traveling from farm to field with manure as we prepare and fertilize the soil, but we are also using the manure for a product that we make on our farm called CowPots™. Invented by farmer Matt (my dad) more than 15 years ago, we have been collecting our cows’ manure and processing it to form biodegradable, plantable pots. And so while we prep the fields for our cow’s feed crops, we’re also prepping our greenhouse to get an early start on tomatoes, cut flowers and vegetable seedlings for our garden and for our farm market customers.



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