Cow Pots natural seed starter

by Patsy Bell Hobson

Roots Grow Through the Pot

Pots made from cow manure

CowPots™ were created by dairy farmers who had plenty of raw material. CowPots™ seed starting pots made with 100% renewable composted cow manure. Yes, they are odor free.

I like that you can seed the pot indoors under grow lights. Then transplant the entire pot and plant into the garden. The pot decomposes when it comes in contact with the garden soil. CowPots do not decompose when sitting under grow lights or outside while the plants are hardening off.

The manufacturing process removes weed seeds, and the odor. What remains is a natural fiber pot that is a plantable seed starting pot. CowPots are available in various sizes. Buy twelve packs of 3″ or 4″ CowPots.

These seed starting pots are an easy one-use planting container made of a natural recycled, recyclable material. It’s a feel good product that is earth friendly. Maybe I am helping the planet in some small way.

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