Eco-Friendly, Recycled, and Compostable Biodegradable Plant Pots

Why Use Wasteful Plastic Pots
or Fiber Pots When You Don’t Have To?

There are many options to consider when it comes to selecting biodegradable plant pots for home gardening or for large vegetable gardening projects. None offer the same growing benefits as our high quality, eco-friendly CowPots.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages when starter seedling pots are needed or for when your ready to move you’re plants to the garden and want to keep your roots intact, our CowPots are a healthy and welcome environmental alternative to plastic pots made from non renewable fossil fuels.

CowPots come in 12 unique sizes and are truly a 100% biodegradable pot!

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Retailers – Put CowPots on display

Independent garden stores, national retailers and even gift shops are choosing to put CowPots on their store shelves. With an eye catching package and an all natural, recycled and eco-friendly seed starting pot, give your customers a more sustainable choice for starting their garden this year.


Gardeners, Farmers and Commercial Growers Prefer
Our Biodegradable Plant Pots

For small and large scale production of flowering annuals, herbs, vegetables and more. Get the leading edge for growing prize-winning giant pumpkins! Start plants earlier, with the versatility of translating to step-up containers or into the field or greenhouse. From allium to bare roots, cucurbit, garlic and pansies to rosemary and tomatoes, CowPots are sustainable, renewable and the best biodegradable plant pots for a wide range of crops and planting practices.


Questions About Our Biodegradable Plant Pots?
Questions About Our Biodegradable Plant Pots?

Read some commonly asked and answered questions to the right or download our PDF Brochure.

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How can I tell if I’m properly watering my seedlings?
Are CowPots Certified Organic?
Should I use fertilizer in my CowPots?
How long should it take for my CowPots to decompose after planting into the ground?
My in-ground planted CowPots are not breaking down completely. What am I doing wrong?
How long will my planted CowPot last in a greenhouse setting?
Do I need to rip, tear or crush the CowPot before planting in the ground?
How long can I store unused CowPots?
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